Human Dimensions Tools

NOAA Fisheries Integrated Toolbox
The NOAA Fisheries Human Dimensions Toolbox (nmfs-human-dimensions-tools) is a collection of software programs and modeling tools which can be used to conduct economic and socio-cultural analyses. By studying both the social and economic aspects of communities, we can manage fisheries and protected species in a way that works best for everyone. Economic and socio-cultural analyses helps managers evaluate the benefits and costs of different activities, prioritize needs, and encourage policies that maximize societal benefits from ocean and coastal resources. The NOAA Human Dimensions Toolbox (human-dimensions-toolbox) is part of the NOAA Fisheries Integrated Toolbox (FIT).
Price Method Fisheries Economics Total Factor Productivity Outputs for the U.S. Fisheries
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Fisheries Economic Explorer
Analysis and Data Exploration
Regional Economic Impact Analysis for North Pacific Fisheries
Social Accounting Matrix Model
Social Indicators for Fishing Communities
Mapping, Analysis, and Data Exploration
Social Indicators
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